Sunday, December 15, 2013

Free time for odds and ends

This weekend was a mixed bag of work on the airplane.  First Travis stopped by on Friday and we did a little more riveting on the fuselage.  The progress is slow and we probably have 8 hours or so more to do but he works some late hours so our time together doesn't always match up well.  Saturday I was able to seal the firewall with fireproof sealant.  That allowed me to finish the assembly and prepping for rivets on the fuselage.  I also managed to finish up the tail rivets by myself but that's about all I can do alone.

Sunday I spent most of the day working on a Christmas present for Amy but I did get some time later in the day to assemble my engine stand and get "big red", the engine case, mounted for assembly later on.  A few pictures show the engine.  Can't wait to start assembling it!