Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas everybody

The title says it all!  I am sitting here in the office writing this post as everybody else is napping from one of the best Christmas mornings I have had in a long while.  I can't really put a finger on what made this one so special but with all four kids joining Amy and I it was just a very enjoyable morning of gift opening and breakfast.  Here are a few pictures of the festivities.

Look at the size of the loaf of banana bread!  Mariah and Travis made them for gifts this year and each one must weigh five pounds!

Travis opening something...

Mariah and I during the gift opening.

Ok we had a few days of frost and the garage was too full for the cars so Amy had to scrape a window.  I guess thats what prompted a gloved ice scraper present.  

Ice cream cone shower cap?!?  Who'da thunk.

No caption needed for this one!

Ok, I guess you have to be kids to be crazy enough to be out in 31 degree weather blowing plastic bubbles in your PJ's!

Aint she cute!

Some of my loot. A Go Pro 3! and check out this has LED lights in the bill!  I love this kind of stuff!

Well, no true airplane lover would be caught dead without a parking sign like this one and with the airplane wings in the living room it just feels appropriate to hang the sign here for now.  :-)