Monday, December 23, 2013

Its the little things...

The past few days have not been overly productive as I have not been feeling very well.  I did do some work since its either work on the plane or sleep and I can only sleep so long.  I managed to get the aft deck riveted on, a series of gussets drilled for final riveting, and I installed the aft top skins just for fun.  Well not actually just for fun, I did want to make sure everything was lined up correctly before I drilled a few of the gussets.

I also spent some time working on Amy's Christmas present and while I can't tell you what it is I can tell you that need more soldering practice!  Small wires and even smaller contact points are a pain to get solder to stick to.

Oh, one more thing, I ordered my finishing kit from Van's last week.  They say 8 to 10 week delivery time so hopefully I will be finishing up with the fuselage at about the time the kit is ready for pickup.

I had to put the forward section together so I could see what this is going to look like.  Yep, this is purely for fun.  My panel is not going to use the stock vans panel you see in this picture, I am using the affordable panels modular panel kit which I have but have not unpacked. 

The aft top skins installed.  Its hard to see but in the middle of the plane, under the skin you can see a orange clamp, thats where one of the gussets I had to final drill is located.

Now you can see both clamps (one on each side)

Stand back and admire!  I think this is going to be an airplane someday.