Thursday, January 16, 2014

Almost airplane noise time

The last couple of nights I haven't been home to work on the plane but tonight I got a few minutes to put the seat frames in and try out the CA-1 demo seat that Classic Aero sent me.  I am looking at their new seat which is much cheaper than the one I really want (Aviator) so they were nice enough to send me the demo seat so I could sit in it and see how it feels.  Well, after sitting in it for about 30 minutes I have decided that I am going to spend the money and get the Aviator seats.  They are designed for long cross country flights and that is really what I am building this airplane for.  I did get Amy to crawl in so I could get a picture of her in the airplane as well.  Details below.

Here is the seat in the pilot side.  The seat is actually very nicely made and a definite upgrade from the Vans foam.  I just doesn't fit the mission I have for the airplane.

Here I am sitting in the pilot seat testing out the throttle quadrant position that I plan on using.  Seems to work just fine but we will see once I get the full center console in there.

Here's my Amy in her super puffy coat sitting in the airplane for the first of many times to come!