Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sunny Saturday fun

Today I spent some good time in the garage and make some progress.  I won't bore you with dialog, just the pics.

Here I am installing the static line and the ports on both sides of the fuselage.  Its hard to see the white static line as it arc's over the bulkhead but its there.  I decided to glue the static ports in because I see so many people having issues trying to rivet them.  I have read many a blog entry about people who have glued them in with great success.

Oh yea, I started the day out by getting the problem child gear weldment mounted.  I think I installed it at least three times this morning as I worked it for a good fit.  I was also able to get the fuel line run on this side but that was after I took this picture.

These are the fuel tank vent ports that stick out the bottom of the fuselage.  I had some fun with them by cutting the size of the "nut" down to about half the original size and then contouring it a bit.  I think they turned out pretty good!

This is the vent port again but this time I am epoxying some screen over the opening to prevent bugs from nesting inside.  Once the epoxy sets up I will trim the screen and clean it up a bit.

Here is the outside of the static line port.  Looks kinda like a metal eraser head sticking out.  A little hard to see with all the reflection so I put an arrow up to indicate the port.

This is what the other side of that port looks like.  I still have to clip the static line that goes forward to the underside of the longeron but I want to make sure the glue is set up permanently before I start tweaking those lines.