Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The garage is smelling pretty good

Yep, that is a really misleading title too!  I completed a potpourri of tasks in the garage tonight.

Travis came over last night and helped me move the wings back into the garage.  Its time to finish them up so I can mount them on the fuselage.

First order of business was to cut and prep the pitot tube mount on the left wing.  It still kinda crepes me out to cut into the wing skins.

Next on the list was to put some caulking on the joints where the plastic wire sleeves go through the wing ribs.  This prevents them from vibrating and cutting through the plastic...or so thats the plan.

The gold looking part here is the roll servo mount for the autopilot.  This was a pretty simple install since I only had to unbolt the old bracket and replace it with this one.  i guess I should run the servo wires before I button this bugger up.

This is the pitch servo mount ready to be riveted behind the elevator bell crank.  Had to drill out four rivets and then back drill the top rivets, then using my angle drill I drilled the lower four.