Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time to hit the brakes

Ok, that title is a stretch but the past two nights I have been able to accomplish a couple of tasks.  First I installed the Andair fuel valve, and tonight I installed and drilled the brake pedals to the rudder pedals.  On a less than exciting note I have not had much success getting the right gear out of the weldment.  It still moves slowly but its not coming out and its not making me happy.]

Here is the "jig" I used to align the rudder pedals with the brake pedals.  

Notice the use of a file clamped to the brake pedals to keep them aligned and then the angle on the bottom of the rudder pedals to keep them aligned.
This is the fuel valve as I was loctiting the connections to the valve.  they are interchangeable so they come unscrewed.