Sunday, January 28, 2018

Fuel tanks start to take shape

The weather has really sucked this week but I guess that means I am less tempted to go flying...hence more build time.  I spent most of my evening build time this week prepping parts for the fuel tanks.  Deburring and edge dressing mostly.  The weekend I began the process of putting together the right fuel tank.  I remember really struggling with this first step on my 9A but this time it went much smoother.  Either I learned something or the 10 skins are bent a little better (or a little of both) but I was able to get the right fuel tank fully assembled and almost ready to pull it apart for dimpling.  Before I know it I will be elbow deep in ProSeal.

Tank stiffeners cleco'd in place for final drilling.

This picture is my attempt at remembering my numbering scheme.  I'm sure at some point I will wipe the numbers off of one of these pieces...

Center ribs getting installed.

Fuel cap base located and drilled.  This was much harder on the 10 than it was on the 9A.  The flanges of this base are ground in a manner that would allow it to fit a curved skin.  Well the 10 tanks are much less curved so I had to spend a bit of time "adjusting" the curve to fit this tank.  I am pretty happy with how this one ended up fitting.  This is one of the many upgrades that I am putting into this airplane.  The fuel caps that are stock with the kit are inexpensive which is good to make the kits affordable but they are very hard to open.

Inside view of the fuel cap base.  If you look real close you can see where the top of the cap has a small gap.  That is part of the curved face I was talking about earlier.  I wanted to leave as much flange material as possible so I didn't grind it down all the way to the top and bottom edges...its about 1/4" short.

And this is how we end the weekend.  The tank is fully final drilled and assembled.  Now I have to do a little countersinking and then its time to take it all apart for dimpling.