Sunday, January 7, 2018

Leading edges

Somehow I forgot to post this blog entry.  This was originally suppose to be posted on the 28th but it is...a little late.

This week work on the leading edges continued.  These are really fun parts of the airplane to work on because they are big but there is relatively little detailed work (other than drilling, deburring, etc) and when you are complete there is a large visible portion of the airplane taking shape.  Next up is the fuel tanks which may take a little longer due to the sealing process.  Lots of Proseal (trade brand for a super sticky sealant that is fuel resistant and works great for sealing fuel tanks).  There will be a few modifications to the fuel tanks as well which will be fun.

Oh, one more item of note...I ordered the fuselage kit this week.  There is an 8 week wait period on that kit so I expect delivery some time in Feb/March.  Hopefully I will be done with the ailerons and flaps by then.

This is the right leading edge after drilling/deburring/dimpling.  It is ready for riveting at this point.
And here it is after one night of riveting.  Not quite done but only three rows on this side and about 5 on the other side are left.  I'm doing this alone and its getting a little hard to reach all the way down on both sides; one holding the rivet gun and the other holding the bucking bar. 
Both leading edges are almost complete.  You can see a little tape on the forward section.  Those are rivets that I need a little help with.  Ben came over Thursday afternoon and helped me finish these up.

Speaking of Ben, here he is helping with the attachment of the leading edges.

A bit hard to see but this is a picture of both wings with the leading edges cleco'd on.  These wings are getting BIG.