Monday, January 15, 2018

Starting the fuel tanks

This week I finished up the flap gap fairings, did a little work on the bottom skins and since it started to warm up a little I started on the fuel tanks.

The first step was to remove all of the plastic protective film from the tank skins....what a pain!   It took my entire Sunday work session to get the plastic off.  Normally this isn't that much of a pain but this time the plastic came off but the glue that holds it down stayed on the aluminum skin.  This required a couple of hours of work with lacquer thinner and paper towels.  What a mess.

Look closely you can see the two fuel tank skins sitting on each table leading edge pointed up.  They look clean in this picture but this was after hours of work to get them this way. 
Right wing inner bottom skin cleco'd on for final drilling.  This will be a "tweener" project.  It will occur between other tasks that are fuel tank related...or at least thats the current plan.