Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wings and things

The past few days have been pretty busy in the Anderson hangar. In my last post I had just finished up the inventory and was getting the wing stand built.  Well, the stand is complete and I have started working on both the main spars and the trailing edge spars.  Oh, and it should be noted that Amy can once again get her car into the garage....she can't get out of the car but it will fit in there now.  :-)

Main spars sitting on the bench ready for the first round of countersinking for rivets and plate-nuts.
Tie down brackets tapped with threads that will accept a tie down ring.  Don't want the airplane flying when I'm not in it!

Twin wing stand with main spars sitting on it.  See the RV 9A drawing hanging up above?  :-)

Spars sitting on edge while I installed the tie down brackets

Tie down bracket installed but not torqued

Lining up the doubler plates for drilling.  I am finding that its very challenging to work with a set of plans that only shows the left wing.  I have to reverse them in my mind for the right wing.

The instructions say to cut the doubler plate (mounted below the spar) to match the hole in the spar itself.  Its an oblong hole so I used this bit to get the majority of the material removed and then I used the dremel bit seen in the next picture to match them up nicely.

Rear spar parts all de-burred and ready to be assembled for match drilling and final drilling.