Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dem's alotta ribs

Today I did a marathon run.  The plan was to get the wing ribs sanded, straitened and fluted.  After that I would drill the mounting holes and finally do a little priming.  Well let me tell you, this priming stuff is for the birds!  I spent the majority of the afternoon up until 9:30 tonight just getting half of the ribs ready to prime.  Sheesh,  and I didn't even get the primer applied.  Oh well I am ready to begin the priming process in the morning after I get back from Tahoma Ridge.
Drilling the 3/4 inch hole that the wiring tubes will run through.

Look at all those ribs!  

My old priming rack wouldn't hold even half of the ribs so tonight I built a new one.  This one spans the entire width of the two car side of the hangar.