Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tail cone is almost done...for now

This week Amy is out of town on her grand trip to Paris with her kids so I got to spend a bit more time in the shop working on the tail cone.  I made some pretty good progress.

Tail cone cleco'd together and ready to rivet the side skins/stringers.

Oh yea, I ordered a gallon of primer from Aircraft Spruce early this month.  After lots of delays it finally showed up this week and this is what I saw when I opened the box.  Azko is very smelly stuff so you can see there was a small amount starting to leak out of the sealed plastic bag.

And this is what it looked like when I pulled the bag out of the box.  

And finally when I removed the plastic bag....what a waste.  Aircraft Spruce is sending me another batch and they filed a claim with UPS but this was a mess to deal with.

Here you can see the backplate that I am using to do the back riveting.  I have to tilt the tail cone precisely for each rivet on the rounded edge.  You can also see the 2x2 fixed in my vice that I used to brace the edge of the tail cone once I got it at the correct angle.

Speaking of correct angles for back riveting....this is how I knew my angle was correct.  I put this small round spacer next to the rivet I was getting ready to smash...then I tilted the structure until the round spacer lined up with the rivet, tied it off, and pounded away.  Came out very nice!  Gotta love gravity.
Tail riveted and bolted together.

Aft looking forward with the top skins removed

Everybody has to have one so here is another view from inside looking aft.

These are the clips I fabricated to hold the static lines as the pass over the bulkhead.

I plan on having a ventilation source for the back seats.  This is the drawing I used to cut the holes in each side of the tailcone.

And here it is after cutting the hole.