Friday, February 9, 2018

Proseal take 1

Yep, this week I finished up the prep work and started the sealing the right fuel tank.  I'm trying to be a little more stingy with the Proseal this time so it doesn't get all over everything but who knows how it will end up.  Once you mix it up you only have about 90-120 minutes of working time before it hardens up.  They say you can store it in the freezer for a few days and I actually did mix up the first batch, and stored it in the freezer. It worked out pretty nicely the next day.

Most people don't care to work with this fuel tank sealant but I really don't mind.  It can be fun seeing how neat I can make it... at least until I find a leak...then its not so much fun.

Here you can see where I scuffed up the inside of the fuel tank in any location that will have the sealant applied.  This is supposed to give the sealant something to stick to.  Not sure about that because Proseal sticks to anything!

What you are looking at here are two extra penetrations I am putting into my fuel tanks.  The one on the left is the anti-rotation bracket that will allow me to put a bulkhead fitting in place in case I ever decide to install long range fuel tanks in the outer wind leading edge.  The one on the right with the fitting in place (for test fit) is where the fuel pump return flow will enter the tank.  The hole right beside it is the vent line penetration.  There will be another anti-rotation bracket installed here...well actually its already installed but not in this picture.

And here is what that same fuel return line fitting looks like riveted in place and prosealed.

This is what the outside of that same fitting looks like.  Notice I put some sealant under the rivet heads so they don't leak.
The vent line port is riveted in place, the tooling holes are filled with 3/16" rivets and the fuel pickup port is riveted in place.

Same part, other side.  This is actually the inside so all the rivet tails are covered in a cap of proseal.

I had a little extra Proseal left over on Thursday night so I started putting these stiffeners in place.  They are only cleco'd in place for now.  Once the Proseal sets up for a bit I will come back and finish with rivets.  This process helps with the mess.