Friday, February 16, 2018

Proseal Take 2

Still working on the right fuel tank.  I did get to fly this week though.  Harry, Jeff, Paul, Mark and I met at Jefco for a little breakfast and then Harry, Jeff, Mark and I flew on up to Friday Harbor to meet up with some Fall City folks.  (Ben, Kathy, Jeff, Salima ,Larry, Mary, Dave).  We walked down to the water front to have some lunch.  It was a very nice day for flying and it showed as the sky was full!

Parked at Jefco for breakfast.
Harry and Jeff off my left wing on the flight back home.

Fuel cap base with sealer and cleco's
Back side of the fuel flange.  Nice cap of Proseal over each rivet shop head.
I got a little carried away back riveting the fuel cap...I forgot to add the tape to protect the skin so it scuffed up a bit.  No biggie since the skin has to be scuffed for paint anyway.

Finished up the stiffeners on both sides of the tank.
Stiffeners back side with nice cap of Proseal over rivet shop heads.
Stiffeners after I had back riveted them but before removing the tape and cleaning the heads a bit.
Stiffener rivets cleaned up a bit shows the proseal around the head of the rivet.

Fuel drain port sealed and cleco'd to the outside bottom skin.

Fuel tank drain flange on the outside of the fuel tank.  Riveted but not yet cleaned up completely.