Monday, April 23, 2018

More wiring and a one bottom wing panel complete

This past week seemed like a slow week for the 10.  This time of year my attention seems to move to the 9A to get it ready for the big flying part of the year.  I did a little flying on Wednesday to get IFR proficient again and then I spent Saturday wrapping my fuel lines forward of the firewall with a reflective insulation tape.  The hope is that I can deflect some of the radiated heat from my exhaust and cure the flashing fuel issue I have.

On Sunday Jeff, Harry and I flew to Boise to meet a friend of Harry's for lunch.  It was a glorious flight, smooth as butter with just a bit of cloud dancing.  Its been a while since we have done a longer cross country and while its only 2 hours to Boise, it was enough time to let me get back into cross country EFIS/iPad use.  I recently shifted back to using Garmin Pilot as my EFB so I had a bit of re-familiarization to do.

Jeff took this cool picture of us somewhere over eastern Washington.

The inboard bottom wing skin is riveted in place.  I am waiting to do the outer skin until I have the rest of the wiring completed.  That should happen this week.