Sunday, April 1, 2018

Right fuel tank leak check...SAT

This week I performed the leak check on the repaired right fuel tank and I am happy to say there were no leaks.  I installed the fuel tank on the wing and went back to drilling, deburring, and priming the bottom wing skins. 

On a somewhat related note I have been working on the wiring plan again since I need to run some wires in the wing before I rivet the bottom skins in place.  As part of that process I ended up buying a couple of used tools on Ebay (Daniels DSub pin crimper and adjustable turret).  Usually this is a great place to get used quality tools but unfortunately the USPS can ruin even a quality tool.  I have to send one back and get a replacement.  Bummer.

Nothing new to show so the only pictures I have this week are of a flight that Harry, Bob and I took to Mulino for some great Mexican food.

Bob flying Harry's rocket from the back seat... yes Harry was in the front seat.  Bob didn't have rudder pedals so this was about as close as he could get safely.