Monday, July 22, 2013

Another week goes by

I am kind of surprised to see that its been a week since I last posted an update.  Last week was pretty crazy at work with lots of meetings but I did manage to get some work done on the airplane.  Not much picture taking since most of what was accomplished was on the right wing and a duplicate of what I had already done on the left wing.  There are a couple of items to discuss though.  First, my engine arrived this week!  There were three boxes of engine parts of which Travis was nice enough to take one of his days off and wait for the delivery at home.  Two 140 lb boxes showed up on that day and I picked the final 68 lb box up from the FedEx office the next day.  Now I need to get some help putting it all together.

While Travis was over I took advantage of him to help me start riveting the inboard top skin to the left wing.  We had a little trial and error as I messed with different rivets sizes but in the end we managed to get it done and it looks pretty good.  Mariah has decided she doesn't much care for riveting I think.  She got a rash on her knees from kneeling down on the cement floor during our last riveting session and now she seems a little reluctant to assist.  I'm burning out the good help!  I hope Travis doesn't go next.

One other item that came up this week.  I think I have settled on a paint scheme for the airplane.  I'm a doodler and that means when I'm on calls or doing something that requires me to concentrate I tend to doodle.  Well that doodling resulted in the drawing below.  The paint colors are not correct but the design is pretty good.  Still trying to decide whether or not to use red or gold for the accent color.  It will most likely end up red because the engine is red, but I do like the gold color as well.

Potential paint scheme

One of the new cylinders for the engine.  I had to open it up and look!
leading edge and inboard top skins riveted on.