Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Left fuel tank rear baffle

The day I have been kind of dreading has come and gone.  Monday evening I took the plunge and prosealed and riveted the rear baffle on the left fuel tank.  This was a bit of a time limited marathon in 90 degree heat.  I was sweating in my rubber gloves and occasional respirator but I finally managed to get the rear baffle installed.  Looking inside from the available ports I think it sealed well but only a leak test will tell me for sure.  I have 4 days off starting on the 4th of July and the temperature is not suppose to be so warm so hopefully I will be able to finish the right fuel tank and get this one pressure tested.  I can say with utter confidence that I will not miss working with proseal.  Its not as bad as I imagined but it sure is not convenient to work with either.  Lots of rubber gloves and my fingers still come out with black stains!

Outside view of rear baffle (on top) installed with brackets.  The opening that you see is where the fuel level sender will be mounted and then sealed into the tank.

Inside view of the baffle seal where a small bead of proseal looks like a good seal.  The baffle is at the top of the picture and the line of proseal runs from about 10 on the clock to 4.  Lots of reflections on this picture.

poor picture of the other end of the tank seal.  This is a picture through the fuel inlet.