Sunday, July 14, 2013

Where to start

I think this entry is going to have to be broken into two entries.  Two major subjects to discuss tonight.  First I will talk about my 4 day weekend.  This weekend was the Arlington Fly in/Airshow.  I have never been drawn to airshows because what those people do in airplanes I will probably never do.  I have to admit that their flying skills are so far beyond mine that it is somewhat amazing to watch them do what they do!  Anyway, the airshow was not the best part of the weekend, the airplanes were.  There had to be several hundred airplanes at Arlington airport this weekend for the fly in.  There were a very large number of Piper Cherokee's not to mention Cessna's of all flavors.  There were many different types of experimental airplanes as well and as you might have guessed that's where I spent most of my time.

My friend Jeff was there with his son so I spent a large amount of time hanging with them but I also met so many people that have the same passion for flying that I do.  I want to point out one person in particular that I met that really gave me inspiration.  His name is mike and he had a very well built RV-7 that he had put a number of customization's of his design into.  He not only went into depth about them but allowed me to take several pictures so that I might replicate his work.  He is planning on going to Oshkosh this year so hopefully I will get a chance to visit with him there as well.

Well, enough talk, here are a few of the many pictures I took.
Field of dreams....

As a fellow member of my local EAA chapters daughter kept reminding me....this is "beautiful Angel"

Rumor has it that this is actually the owners wife/significant other

Nicely designed panel.  Simple but fully functional and then some!

These are the seats I would like to use.  They have a nice adjustable lumbar support and the owner of this plane has flown for many hours in one day on them in complete comfort.

A newly finished RV-9A with the exact same configuration as the one I am building.  Sliding canopy and James Cowl for starters.  This one has not yet been painted obviously but the owner says he is having too much fun flying to take it in for painting....hmmmmm.

This is Mike's airplane with us sitting around bs'ing.  My friend Jeff is the one in the red hat and his son is sitting beside him.  Mike is the one in the red shirt.