Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dimple, Dimple, Countersink

The last two evenings have found me dimpling the skins and ribs, and countersinking the spars as you can see by the pictures below.  This is a tedious process but got easier as I went along.  Since I have not had the opportunity to attend any sheet metal training classes the first time I do something I cringe; Dimpling was no different.  I think it turned out OK so we will see what others think.  Speaking of others, tonight I got in contact with Tom Staggs and asked him to be my EAA flight/tech adviser   I only had a short chat with him but he seems to be a very nice person who has a passion for flying.  My kind of person!  He has his own web site that you really need to look at.  He takes the passion for flying to a whole new level.
The back side of the dimple

The dimpled side

Left HS ready for match drilling.  Calling it a night after this pic.

The plans for the HS hanging on in my improvised plan holder