Thursday, September 19, 2013

Center section work

Last night I finished up the firewall and started the center section.  This is really fun because its starting to come together.  Give it another month or so and it will really start looking like an airplane is being built!  I did manage to get the uprights (laying horizontally in the picture below) riveted on as well all 12 5/8" holes drilled for bushings.

Ohhh pretty!  This is the center section that really is the heart of the airframe.  The wings attach to this bugger and it becomes the load bearing part of the fuselage.
These two control mounts are part of tonight's work.  I had to drill the mounting holes and then trim off the area that is outlined in blue.  I used my band-saw and a file to clean it all up.  Actually turned out pretty good.  These are where the control sticks attach to the center section.