Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lots of rearranging going on

The past week or so has not been the best for airplane building.  Lots of things going on around the house, work has been a little crazy and lots of extra curricular events going on.  However, I did get to spend all day in the garage today and boy did I make a mess and a bunch of modifications.  First I built a loft to store my skins, then I used that space to build a paint/primer booth.  And finally I got a chance to work on the airplane.  I did a little priming as a final step before riveting the bulkhead together.  See the pics...

The plans call for a 4 degree bend in two of these pieces.  This was my "jig" and it worked wonderfully.

The "loft"

The loft again.

The skeleton of my paint/prime booth.  Next I added a little plastic, a fan, a filter, and some hooks for hanging parts.

I used my Hobby air hood for the first time today.  Its a little cumbersome.

And here are the primed pieces.  Tomorrow we will see how well it worked.

Oh, I thought I would mention that I purchased a cheap HVLP spay gun to use with the epoxy primer.  I am absolutely amazed at how well it worked.  It's just a throw away but I think it really is a nice tool.  Harbor Freight so it wont last long but it sure did its job tonight.