Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fire! oh wait, thats firewall...

Yep, today was the first day for fuselage work.  The first project on the list was the firewall and I almost managed to finish it. Need to do a little more countersinking and then rivet it all together which is likely to take a few days now that I am headed back to work.  Only one picture for the day.

The firewall with all the pieces ready to dimple, countersink and prime.


  1. Man, things go so quickly over there it's hard to keep up ;)
    Nice work Darin!
    I've taken some advice from you and bought a full set of tools for an RV-12! It's going to be a long project, but have to start sometime.

  2. Outstanding Shane! You have to start somewhere and that's a great start. Keep an eye on VansAirforce classifieds and you may find a kit show up for a good price.