Saturday, September 14, 2013

The end of an era, or at least the beginning of the next phase

OK, its official (I deemed it so), the wings are as complete as I am going to get them before I move on to the fuselage.  I've spent the last week or so finishing up the deburring, dimpling and edge dressing the bottom skins on both wings, running pitot static tubing, and adjusting the wiring tubes.  The skins are now hanging on the wings in the crate, the garage has been cleaned up a bit and I am ready to start the fuselage tomorrow!

Getting ready to dimple the left bottom wing skin.  I built a new dimple platform that will help me with all the skins I have to dimple for the fuselage.  Oh, I also removed the flaps so I could hang the bottom skins and if you look closely you will see them hanging on the wall above the small parts organizers.

Another shot of the garage.  I made a few modifications this weekend to help optimize space.  The table saw is behind the rolling toolbox but I now have a shelf/bench top mounted above it so I can work there and still get my saw out.

Amy took a picture of my dimpling one of the left bottom skins on my new dimpling platform.  Notice I am wearing my 2013 Oshkosh shirt.  :-)

Both wings now have the dimpled bottom skins on and its time to move on to the fuselage!

Oh yea, I got my new (used) flight suit in the mail today.  This is suppose to fire resistant but I think it just looks cool so I had Amy take a picture of my wearing it.  I think I need some patches!