Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fuel for the fire!

Yesterday started like most Saturday mornings with me in the hangar working on the leading edge of the main wing.  I will post more about that in my next post because I struggled with getting the skin cleco'd on to the ribs.  I did find a neat way to make it work but I don't have any pics.

Anyway on to the main subject for today.  Jeff called me while I was out working an asked if I would be interested in going flying with him and Harry in their RV's.  Sheesh that took all of about 3 milliseconds to come up with my answer...

Jeff's panel as we are rolling out for takeoff from Thun field in Puyallup.

Harry's rocket as he approaches for some formation flying.

Jeff's RV-7A at our first stop in Hoquim.

Harry and his rocket.

This is the best pic I had of Harry on the left.

Spruce Goose Cafe where we stopped for some pie a'la mode.  That's Jeff on the left and Harry on the right.  Jeff tells me that you have to get here early in the morning on the weekend because it gets VERY busy with people flying in.

A line up of RV's

This is the best pic I have of Jeff's RV-7A from Harry's rocket.  The sun was getting pretty hot by this time and there was a lot of glare for my iPhone to handle.

One more neat thing happened yesterday that I thought I would mention.  As I was taking all of these pictures Dropbox was (unbeknownst to me) uploading them when data was available.  I got a text about 2 hours into the trip from Amy who said "I'm getting your pictures on the computer at home!"

I could gush for hours about how much fun it was to spend the afternoon flying around the pacific NW but I will just say this... I am so glad I decided to get back into flying because this is the life I wan't to live.  The people are superb and you wont find a friendlier group anywhere.