Friday, June 14, 2013

Things that go VROOOM in the night

I wasn't going to post tonight but some things have transpired that I feel its necessary.  First, I have been busy working on the right fuel tank but there hasn't been much picture taking going on.  So I will just update you with words.  The tank is almost ready for sealing up and pressure testing.  I am quite amazed at how much work goes into building a leak proof tank.  I am finding that following the plans that have only the left wing drawings is a bit of a challenge when it comes to working on the right wing.  I have no problem converting the image in my head, but I do have a problem remembering that I have to convert it when working on the right wing.  Sheesh.  I will have some pictures in my next post I promise.

Now on to the exciting news for the day.  I have come to agreement on an engine purchase.  This is a very new engine with a new top end.  I spoke to the guy who is selling it on the phone tonight and oddly enough I was quite comfortable chatting with him and making the decision to buy the engine.  The engine is a Lycoming IO-360 which for those of you who don't know that means 4 cylinders and fuel injection.  There are a number of upgrades to this engine which is why I am excited about the purchase.  The engine produces about 200 horsepower which should ensure I have more than enough power to climb over those pesky Rocky Mountains.  This particular engine is an angle valve which means it is newer but a little heavier than the parallel valve engine.  With the RV-9 I think that will actually help me since the CG is so far aft in this airplane.  Neither Amy nor I are big people so gross weight was never really an issue.

The thing about this engine that really interests me is that I get to put it together.  The case is sealed with a new technology (rubber o-ring) but I get to do the rest.  Jim, if you read this you wanna come over and help?  :-)

Now I need to order my new prop!  Catto tri-blade, here I come!

Sheesh, this is getting expensive!

My new engine