Friday, June 7, 2013

On my knees

And it ain't in prayer.  Tonight I was able to get the J-stringers installed in both wings.  This turned out to be an interesting puzzle since I was not able to open the garage hangar door high enough to slide the stringers into the wing.  The wing stand posts prevented the door from rolling up high enough so I ended up unbolting the top section of the door and folding it down so I could roll the door up high enough.

After the stringers were installed, drilled and cleco'd I moved on to mounting the lower skins.  I had to "borrow" a few cleco's from the top wing skin to have enough to sparsely hang the lower skin.  I ended the up spending most of the night on my knees clecoing the wing to the frame.  My knees are sore!

Oh, one more thing, I got a delivery from Vann's today with a few parts I ordered that need to be installed in the wing while its in the build stage.  Deluxe fuel caps (come highly recommended), Fuel pickup lines, and the flexible conduit that will hold the wiring in the wings.

Lower skins cleco'd to the wing frame.

Picture of the J-stringer cleco'd to the wing skin in its angular channel.  You can also see all the way down the inside of the wing lightening holes.

My new parts!