Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Wings and things

So I decided its time to update the blog with all the recent work.  I took Monday off and spent the whole day in the hangar working on the wings.  First, as usual progress was slower than desired but at least things are progressing.  First a tip for anybody who may be reading this and find themselves at the point where it time to rivet the wing ribs to the main spar.  The instructions dont give any kind of required order I opted to start with the 4th rib in from the inboard edge.  In doing so I was able to remove the other inboard ribs and had lots of room to work as opposed to having to work between the closely spaced ribs where we will be walking on the wings to get into the airplane.

Main spar with the ribs cleco'd on.  Notice the medical tape I used to protect the spar itself from my destructive bucking bar skills.

Right wing with ribs riveted onto the main spar and getting ready to rivet the trailing edge spar.

Right wing sitting on the wing jig I built last week and left wing almost fully riveted together.  This is the point where Amy drug me kicking and screaming out of the hangar to spend some time with her.

Both wings fully riveted together and the top wing skin with doubler plates getting ready for attaching.  I had to stop a little early tonight to go to the local Home Depot aircraft parts store and get some threaded rod to build the wing span supports so that I can level the wings on the jig.