Sunday, June 9, 2013

Speaking of fuel

So I mentioned yesterday that I was going to discuss my progress this weekend on the wings so here we go.  Yesterday before the awesome day of flying I was able to get the leading edge sections of the main wings assembled, cleco'd and put on the main wing spars.  I ran into a problem where I was not able to get the holes to line up on the top side of the ribs no matter how hard I pressed down with my hands.  So, I created a nice little 2x4 molded to the same curvature of the leading edge and then used it with a clamp to press the rib down enough to get some cleco's in.  It worked out nicely.

Unfortunately I did run out of cleco's today.  So I posted on one of the EAA Facebook pages and a very nice fellow RV builder sold me a bag of 100 for $20.  A great deal for me!  Thanks Russ.

My clamping jib that allowed me to get the cleco's into the ribs.

And here they are, the leading edges cleco'd to the main wing.  The area that is still open is my next task.  The fuel tanks will sit here. 

This is another little contraption that I created.  This is a wood workers marking gauge that I created a  little aluminum pen holder.  This allows me to mark a line parallel with any edge I like at any distance I like.  This came in very handy today and I'm sure will many times in the future.

Amy took a picture of my wearing my cleco bibs and dressing the edge of the aluminum skin.  That skin needs to be smooth so I don't cut myself.