Sunday, January 12, 2014

A weekend of details

The weekend comes to a close and I have spent at least 14 hours plugging away on the airplane.  Lots of little details completed and I have a few pictures below for your perusal.

First task of the weekend was to install the crotch strap brackets for the seat belts.  Its not easy working a pop rivet tool in between those seat ribs but I got them in.  I also finished up the trim servo mount.  Now I have to wait to get the controls installed before I can do the final hookup.  The wiring also has to be finished but that's down the road a bit yet.
Speaking of seat belts, this little plastic contraption is where the shoulder belt harness wire comes through the baggage compartment walls.  Remember a month or two ago I posted about mounting the seat belt anchor, well this is the path where the cables get up front where we will be sitting.

If you look closely at the baggage wall you can see the front side of those plastic blocs where the cable comes through.  You can also see the tunnel cover temporarily installed.

The reflection from the light makes this part look gold but its not.  This is the tunnel cover, just one more step along the way.  After I had finished this post I was looking at the drawings are realized that I had used the wrong rivets.  Guess I will be drilling these out and putting the correct ones in tomorrow.

This picture shows the covers under which fuel lines and wiring will run.  Lots more work to do here.  The one thing I did do a little differently was I riveted the access plate to the assembly since the only reason for this access plate is to get access to a low pressure fuel pump that a normal carburated engine would use.  I am installing a fuel injected engine when uses a different pump, hence the comment about lots more work required.

Well, here is the result of this weekends work.  In actuality there doesn't look like much done here, but I assure you that a lot of non visible hours are hiding in this picture.  Heck if nothing else just fitting the forward seat floors took a while.  Lots of fitting, adjusting, and adding of nut-plates.