Sunday, January 5, 2014

A weekend of pure BLIS

Yep, this was an awesome weekend.  No I didn't get much done on the airplane but wow let me tell you about this weekend.  It really started Saturday morning when I met up with Harry and Jeff at Pierce Co Airport in Puyallup (thats where my hangar is).  Martin and his family met us out there to have a look at the planes, and hopefully someday join us for a flight.  They took a few pictures that turned out great and I will post at least one of them below.  Anyway we took off and flew up to Skagit county airport North of Arlington where we stopped for some breakfast.  It was VERY cold but the air was a smooth as silk and the views were spectacular.  Jeff and Harry did some pretty awesome close formation flight including a few maneuvers like an overhead break to landing.  I got some of it on video and some in pictures but none of it does justice to how cool that is!  On our return home I stuck around to help Jeff pull his cowl (he was doing an oil change) and then went over and helped Harry pull his cowl to clean up a little oil.  After a couple of hours of that we decided to go out for a short flight during which I rode with Harry, took Jeffs camera, and took a ton of pictures of him in flight.  I sure hope some of them come out!

Sunday was even more fun for me.  Harry has an immaculate Cessna 150 that he keeps hidden in his second hangar.  Today he let me fly it up to Arlington where we stopped for some brunch followed by a nice trip back to Puyallup.  It was a wonderful day for flying and it was something I really needed.  The last I flew was a couple of months ago and this was a real confidence builder.  Anyway here are some pics.  Oh, one more thing, I did get a little work done on the airplane.  I drilled the back panel of the baggage compartment but didn't get around to installing the nut plates.

Harry and Jeff in close formation.  The sun makes this a poor picture but it is cool none the less.

My house\neighborhood from the air on Sunday.

Me standing in front of Harry's Cessna 150 after our flight on Sunday.

The aft baggage compartment drilled for nut-plates.
Harry, Jeff and I at the runup area of runway 34 before departure on Saturday.  Photo courtesy of Martin B.