Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The vacation ends...

Well, today was my last day of vacation and I am not looking forward to getting back to the job but hey, gotta pay for this darn habit of mine!  The last couple of days have been taken up with lots of priming.  In fact I did three sessions of priming with the last one being this morning to finish up a few pieces.  Mariah helped me rivet the steps in place and I did a few other odds and ends.  Oh,  I also ended the day by rearranging the garage with the airplane in the center bay.  The right bay was not deep enough to hold the entire fuselage once I start working on the engine.  So, not much for pictures but here they are.

The new garage configuration.  Also note the primed parts laying in various locations.

The left step riveted on.  I decided to use flush rivets instead of the round head  version.  I think it looks better and has slightly less drag.   I also primed the entire step on both sides to prevent any rust since these are steel parts, not aluminum.  I also primed the inside of the tube.