Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Ok, I have to vent for real this time.  It seems the airplane gods are conspiring against me.  The gear leg is still very much stuck in the weldment and doesn't seem to want to move any further out no matter how much effort I put into it.  I posted to VAF in hopes that somebody there has a miracle cure but I am running short on hope. To top that off I found out tonight that the Andair fuel valve I ordered from Aircraft Spruce is the wrong one.  It has female connectors on it and that makes the new fuel lines I purchased useless.  So I have sent an email to AS to see if I can return it but again I am not holding out much hope for any "love".  I can order the correct valve from Andair but they are in England so who knows how long it will take to get the new valve. I guess I might as well bring the wings back out into the garage and finish them up....

This is as far out as I can get it...

Here is the whole shebang in a time-out in the corner until it decides to cooperate.  I expect this technique will work just about as well as it worked with the kids when they were younger.....not.


  1. Hey, at least this is giving me a lot of kit-plane reading material and pictures! Apparently frustration gets you motivated for posting on your blog ;)
    Sorry to hear about that problem child! I'll e-mail a friend who works in a machine/manufacturing shop and see if he has any advice.

  2. Hi Shane, Thanks for sending the email to your friend. As you probably saw already I was able to get the let out with the help of VAF and my friend Harry. Now its time to put it all together again!