Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Stomach is sore

Today I spent the majority of my time leaning over the edge of the fuselage installing the flap control system.  I got it all done and I even managed to get the gear leg mounting holes reamed out to .311.  However I have run into an issue that I may need to get a little help with.  The right side gear leg will not come out of the mounting bracket!!  It feels like it may be galling and I hope that's not the case but its very hard to turn in the socket.  Tomorrow morning I am going to apply a little heat to the mount and see if I can get it to expand enough to work the leg out.  I can't install the mount with the gear leg in there so this is definitely a problem to solve soon.

My first safety wire job.  I haven't done safety wiring since I was in training in the Navy!

Here is the completed flap system.  Took me pretty much all day (6 hours) to get this thing put together but its done and I am happy with it.

Here is the problem child.  I took this picture after successfully reaming out the hole so that the bolt is a nice snug fit.  However, when I removed the bolt and tried to take the leg out it wouldn't move.